Sunday, April 29, 2012

Early Morning Baking

It's not so bright here dis morning! My momo said we was going to practice walking on da leash in the backyard but it's looking like the sky might cry. Momo said we'll have to practice inside if it does. I got a new bed, momo put a blanket under the chair I likes so much. She said she loves me so much I can have her old pillow and comforter for my very own bed till we find a bed I like. I don't like the beds momo bought for me, they just don't suit my fancy, I much prefer the lumpy comforter and pillow she gave me. I can smell good stuffs in the kitchen, I think she's making me hot dogs she said, I don't want to eat a sister or a brother! Oh dear that's mean, I swear this woman is crazy! I confess they do smell good, I keep going over to the stove and putting my sniffer up wondering why she wants to fry doggies up! This lady is crazy if she thinks she can fool me, those ain't no doggies! She said they are for training, I'm good at all sorts of thing, like sleeping, and well, sleeping, oh and kisses, I do those really good! Maybe I can gets some of those smellies in the over if I give her lots of kisses and sleeps lots in the sun?! Guess we'll see! Yesterday we went for a walk, whatever that is. I honestly had no clue what momo was asking of me. I just sat down and stared at her like she was nuts. We went to a Birfday party, lots of people said I was a pretty girl, some of the guys even got all mushy and wanted to keeps me, I told them no and went back to my momo the minute they put me down! There was so many little people like the one we have at home, momo calls her my sister Demi, I had lots of fun they all petted me even the wittle wittle one. She was nice and wasn't rough with me, I liked following her around, she must of got new feet cause she was clumsy and fell lots. That's all for nows, I smell good stuffs in the oven I gotta go police and taste test ;) Gi Gi Gia.

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