Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The V E T For Dental...

Well the new foster boy won't be a foster for much longer. Mommy announced WE'RE KEEPING HIM! Yeah right on! She said he fit in so well and quickly and works well with every aspect of our family that Diego (now Jasper) will become a permanent part of our family. He will be staying indefinitely and become my big brother. You can expect to hear lots more on him. We got him a week and a half ago on May 19th, and since then he's settled into our hearts and laps and been teaching everyone in the family, even me, all kinds of new things. He went to the V E T today to get his teeth done. Mommy said he had awful breath and possibly an infection. Jasper doesn't eat his food like a normal dog, if it's dry food he swallows it, if it's mushy food (which is what we eat) it has to be warm or it hurts his mouth. Mommy is pacing around nervous to find out how many teeth they have to pull. Isn't that mean?! Mommy said he'll feel better but my gosh that sounds mean, pulling teeth. Poor guy. We all miss him and it feels weird without him around. We have to go pick him up in about two and a half hours, till then mommy is just waiting to hear from the vet. Here are some pictures from yesterday of the two of us having a good time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Diego is here...

It's been a very busy weekend and the human is just now getting around to the blog. We left early Saturday morning, my goodness it was a long trip to Denver. Little over two hours with traffic but I was a good girl. We went to the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Birthday Bash in Denver (ok it was in Northglenn close enough!) and we had a blast! I got to meet the big surprise, my new brother!
He's a five year old true brindle boy who is a owner surrender. Two families merged and no longer can provide him the attention he needs and some behavior issues we're stated to be the reason behind his surrender. They have had him his whole life, the poor boy was heartbroken! He just stood there and didn't care to join in any festive fun at The Bash. I tried to play with him but he just ignored me, no growl, no snap, he just looked away and kept searching for his daddy. Momma tried to cheer him up and bring him places and get his mind off of it, but he was stubborn.
Finally after getting so much attention at the bash, we headed home. My brother still wasn't in a good mood. We relaxed a bit at Grandma's house we we're going to be there for awhile. I got to meet a new family member! Jethro is Aunt Sara's new dog, he's a coonhound and he's a BIG boy compared to little me! Sunday we had to go to a Birthday party there was going to be lots of dogs and it was an hour drive so Mommy took all three of us for a walk together cause everyone else went to church. We had a blast!
We've been going on daily walks, Mommy said we need to exercise more while the weather is nice so we walk roughly .8 miles every night after dinner. We live at 9,494 feet and this altitude bothers my mommy, and I get sooo tired, but Diego, that boy LOVES to walk and can go forever! With all the hills in this town it's tough cause the human has to push that big wheel thing that the little human sits in, a strowler, they call it heh, I don't like that thing, the big tires scare me. Well we gotta go cause the brother needs a dental and mommy needs to call the vet to get him an appointment asap, she said he smells like infection, whatever that is.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Big Surprise...

This human doesn't have much time to update so here's a quick one! We're packing today for a quick mini vacation to the Denver Boston Terrier Birthday Bash. We will be gone for a few days while we visit family in the area. We will still be able to check online via our iPhone but I won't be bringing a computer with me. We will be staying in Denver till Monday some time. We plan on taking lots of pictures! There will be tons of other dogs, toys, humans, games, and stuff for us to buy ;) It's a huge fundraising event for MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue group. An organization I volunteered to help with. Which is what the big surprise is! We've been talking about this big surprise for a few weeks or so now... and tomorrow is the day... that our new foster boy comes home. That's right, ever since I got Gia I felt guilty that I didn't adopt. Growing up we always got our pets as strays, owner surrenders, but mostly, SPCA or shelters. I looked around my area for quite sometime looking for a Boston Terrier to no avail. I looked for breeders, none had any litters planned till later this year. I went with a breeder from Oklahoma because they seemed like a nice small breeder, older couple, retired, did all the necessary health tests and was willing to ship. I had never purchased from a breeder so I wasn't quite sure what I was suppose to look for. After I got Gia, I realized that MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue actually covers my area and there are dogs here however, their location was always listed as Omaha, Nebraska because that's the location of this rescue group. Beside their names it would say in Iowa, in Colo etc. but due to the website you cannot change the location for each dog, instead it lists them all in Nebraska. I started to follow MABTR (MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue) on Facebook and they we're calling out for emergency foster homes. I applied right then and there without even knowing how the Foster program worked. I had never fostered an animal before... this will definitely be a new experience for us. Here are some of Gia's animal sleeping poses.
The Rabbit
Frog Legs. Personally my favorite.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean Bill of Health

Well we just got back from the vet, those mean people poke and prob me everywhere, but I showed them I tinkled on the floor then went wild running around the room I think my mind was something like this... Dr L. holds me and starts lovin on me, so I return the favor and give him lots of kisses. He laughs and let's me lick him. Then he turns me around shoves something in my bum guys! How rude! He loves me then pokes me! So he puts me down after I blankly stare at him for poking my bum, and I dash around the room like a wild animal. I stop and piddle and then keep dashing around, I'll show you! Then he picks me up and I act like nothing happened, then he pokes me with something sharp in my neck, my human said it was a shot to keep me healthy. Then he shoves this water into my nose, something about helping keep away the colds. THEN they shove this awful tasting stuff in my mouth. My furiends I officially have been poked everywhere I could imagine except my eyes... though they did shine a light in them and in my ears. BUT I got a clean bill of health and Saturday we're going to the Boston Terrier Birthday Bash for MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue in the Denver area, we're sooo excited, my human said there's going to be LOTS of Bostons there. I'll get to play with them all. Can you imagine that?! My human promises to bring her nice big camera and take lots of pictures. But it's been a long day and I'm going to sleeeeeeppp now. One last request, can all my Furiends say a prayer for Lily the Frenchie, her partner in crime Benny, and their humans? Lily had to have back surgery and everyone is very worried about her, you can read more about Lily and her family here at this blog, Two French Bulldogs Please say a prayer for them! Thanks, Gia

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We've Been Busy Planning...

So my human says we have a surprise coming REALLY soon. I don't know what it is, I'm so excited I can't stop wagging! My human said it was very big! Bigger than me. Any idea furiends what it could be?! Hmmm... Yesterday we went to the dog park again, my dog it was so much fun! My human said she was going to test me and see how good I was going to be and we went -drum roll- to the BIG DOG AREA! I was a golden Boston I tell ya! I came to my humans every time they called. They gave me lots of praise, as much fun as I had walking around with all the big dogs (and some little) I was a very good well behaved girl. I found lots of humans that gave me lots of attention and called me all kinds of things. These humans melted when I ran up to them and pawed their leg for some kisses. I'm going to make a good queen of the dog park my humans said. This was only my second time at this dog park, but it was a lot of fun. My humans said I can come back and do both the little dog area and the big dog area cause I was a good pup. My human didn't get many pictures, we we're in the area doing 'business' and so mom said we can go when we we're done since it was great weather. I'll be going back next Tuesday to see more of my types, the Bostons. Here's a cell phone picture my mom took.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Showers Don't Bring Flowers...

May showers don't bring flowers... it brings snow! That's right this two mile high city is covered in powdered stuff dey call snoooow. Now furiends I've never seen this stuff, and if you haven't either lick your human and tell them how much you appreciate them sending the snooow makers away. It's wet, it's icky, it's cold, and it's EVERYWHERE! I spent an extra ten minutes looking for a spot in the grass that wasn't covered in this icky stuff, I had to settle for a huge rock my human has in the yard. I was not a happy camper, I dashed out the door, just to be trapped on the concrete driveway searching for one path off to the grass that wasn't covered in this yucky stuff, my golly I had to ggoooooo so I jumped in did a backflip (ok it was like a belly flop but backwards I'm working on it!) and pedaled in the snow as best as I could and finally found a rock. Did my stuff and dashed inside avoiding all snoooww that I could. My human wasn't allowed to take pictures, I demanded she turn off the gosh darned thing and find me a grass spot. She did go back outside just for you furiends so you know what this white powdered stuff looks like, I would hate for you to be caught off guard. My human says up here it's normal for this stuff to appear anytime of the year whenever it would like, I hope you guys get more warning!
My human said that's the carriage house, and that I'm not allowed in der. It looks so cool though!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learning To Walk...

... on a leash! Here you thought I forgot how to walk huh. My human has been putting this strappy thing on me and attatching a longer strappy thing they call it a leeeaazzzsh and harness. Whatever, that strappy thing and longer strappy thing and trying to get me to follow her. Ha. I just sit down and look at her like she's crazy, that is till she pulled out some hot dog on me! I'll follow anywhere for more nibbles of hot dogs anyday. So we walk around the driveway, pretty easy, and I eats lots of hot dogs, soon my human said we can go for walks, whatever that is, as long as she has hot dogs, count me in! That's all for today, short and to the point, my human has been cleaning the house for some special day she said on Weznesdays or something... I have a big surprise. Who knows. Maybe it's more hot dogs? What do you think furiends? Why she cleaning the house for hot dogs, why I gotta wait till Weznesdays?