Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The V E T For Dental...

Well the new foster boy won't be a foster for much longer. Mommy announced WE'RE KEEPING HIM! Yeah right on! She said he fit in so well and quickly and works well with every aspect of our family that Diego (now Jasper) will become a permanent part of our family. He will be staying indefinitely and become my big brother. You can expect to hear lots more on him. We got him a week and a half ago on May 19th, and since then he's settled into our hearts and laps and been teaching everyone in the family, even me, all kinds of new things. He went to the V E T today to get his teeth done. Mommy said he had awful breath and possibly an infection. Jasper doesn't eat his food like a normal dog, if it's dry food he swallows it, if it's mushy food (which is what we eat) it has to be warm or it hurts his mouth. Mommy is pacing around nervous to find out how many teeth they have to pull. Isn't that mean?! Mommy said he'll feel better but my gosh that sounds mean, pulling teeth. Poor guy. We all miss him and it feels weird without him around. We have to go pick him up in about two and a half hours, till then mommy is just waiting to hear from the vet. Here are some pictures from yesterday of the two of us having a good time.


  1. Gia, I saw that you were following my blog, and so I came to check you out and now I am following your blog! You are so cute!! Can't wait to read more about you and Jasper!

  2. Uh oh, if I was riding my bike by I think Ghia would latch on to me real fast lol. I love em anyway always gets me going, and gives them some good exercise too. :) Keep posting!! Ruff Ruff


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