Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean Bill of Health

Well we just got back from the vet, those mean people poke and prob me everywhere, but I showed them I tinkled on the floor then went wild running around the room I think my mind was something like this... Dr L. holds me and starts lovin on me, so I return the favor and give him lots of kisses. He laughs and let's me lick him. Then he turns me around shoves something in my bum guys! How rude! He loves me then pokes me! So he puts me down after I blankly stare at him for poking my bum, and I dash around the room like a wild animal. I stop and piddle and then keep dashing around, I'll show you! Then he picks me up and I act like nothing happened, then he pokes me with something sharp in my neck, my human said it was a shot to keep me healthy. Then he shoves this water into my nose, something about helping keep away the colds. THEN they shove this awful tasting stuff in my mouth. My furiends I officially have been poked everywhere I could imagine except my eyes... though they did shine a light in them and in my ears. BUT I got a clean bill of health and Saturday we're going to the Boston Terrier Birthday Bash for MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue in the Denver area, we're sooo excited, my human said there's going to be LOTS of Bostons there. I'll get to play with them all. Can you imagine that?! My human promises to bring her nice big camera and take lots of pictures. But it's been a long day and I'm going to sleeeeeeppp now. One last request, can all my Furiends say a prayer for Lily the Frenchie, her partner in crime Benny, and their humans? Lily had to have back surgery and everyone is very worried about her, you can read more about Lily and her family here at this blog, Two French Bulldogs Please say a prayer for them! Thanks, Gia


  1. Hello Gia! My name is Kitty but I am a Bostie like you and just found your blog. Boy oh boy do I know about getting poked and prodded (I gots glaucoma in one eye and GEESE they never leave it alone)...but the very worst is the stuff up your nose. GAH!!!! Anyway, we sure are hoping Lily is ok.

    Kitty(and Coco the Pug)

  2. Grrrrrr.....I hate going to the vet! Glad to hear that you are in tip top shape!!



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