Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mmm Pork!

Nothing much is new today, my human had to clean the carpets so I spent all day bringing in sticks to rub all over the carpet. That yucky fabeeezee stuffs they wash the carpets with smells awful. Who in their right mind thinks that 'seabreeeeze' smells good. I'd rather smell grass, sticks, and dirt anyday! Silly humans. It's not like their noses are two inches from this god awful stench. Today we tried a change to my foods. I normally get chicken with my Honest Kitchen Preference, but today the humans took out pork for dinners so mommy made me some this morning to try with my THK, oh my gosh that stuff is amazing! She made it with a little bit of butter too! I gobbled it down, I ate almost a days portion (of what I normally eat) in one meal! It was that good my furiends, tell your humans to let you nibble some pork, I know not many kibbles are made with pork, or treats for that matter, but my human does home-cooked so I get lots of variety!
Mmmm pork with my Honest Kitchen Preference. I ate it without parmesan cheese even! That's unheard of.
Snuggling up in mommy's lap ready for a nap now that I've eaten way more than my usual lunch. Today has been pretty boring aside from the pork, I slept most of the day. I woke up and the small human gave me my bullystick, I don't know if that pork woke something up in me or what but these bullysticks suddenly became great tasting too, I think my taster buds are working in overdrive since tasting that pork today. I nommed on that bullystick till I fell asleep with it in my mouth, I even dreamed of chasing bullysticks! Anyways that's all for today, we're busy cleaning the house. The human said she might have a surprise so I have to clean the house, but she won't tell me what it is. She's awfully mean sometimes.
I fell asleep on top of my bullystick, mean mommy moved it.
So when I woke up the first thing I did was search for my bullystick. Oh, there it is. Why yes it does have grass on it, for added taste. Some humans add this thing called salt, I prefer grass, sometimes dirt works too.


  1. OMD, your momma cleaned all da bestest smells from da carpet????? Hoomans gets da keraziest notions sometimes...hehehe.
    There be sooooo mnay udder doggie bloggers dat gets home cooked meals...but, I AIN'T one of 'em. Nope, I has lazy hooman. I be so jealous.



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