Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Diego is here...

It's been a very busy weekend and the human is just now getting around to the blog. We left early Saturday morning, my goodness it was a long trip to Denver. Little over two hours with traffic but I was a good girl. We went to the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Birthday Bash in Denver (ok it was in Northglenn close enough!) and we had a blast! I got to meet the big surprise, my new brother!
He's a five year old true brindle boy who is a owner surrender. Two families merged and no longer can provide him the attention he needs and some behavior issues we're stated to be the reason behind his surrender. They have had him his whole life, the poor boy was heartbroken! He just stood there and didn't care to join in any festive fun at The Bash. I tried to play with him but he just ignored me, no growl, no snap, he just looked away and kept searching for his daddy. Momma tried to cheer him up and bring him places and get his mind off of it, but he was stubborn.
Finally after getting so much attention at the bash, we headed home. My brother still wasn't in a good mood. We relaxed a bit at Grandma's house we we're going to be there for awhile. I got to meet a new family member! Jethro is Aunt Sara's new dog, he's a coonhound and he's a BIG boy compared to little me! Sunday we had to go to a Birthday party there was going to be lots of dogs and it was an hour drive so Mommy took all three of us for a walk together cause everyone else went to church. We had a blast!
We've been going on daily walks, Mommy said we need to exercise more while the weather is nice so we walk roughly .8 miles every night after dinner. We live at 9,494 feet and this altitude bothers my mommy, and I get sooo tired, but Diego, that boy LOVES to walk and can go forever! With all the hills in this town it's tough cause the human has to push that big wheel thing that the little human sits in, a strowler, they call it heh, I don't like that thing, the big tires scare me. Well we gotta go cause the brother needs a dental and mommy needs to call the vet to get him an appointment asap, she said he smells like infection, whatever that is.


  1. Eeeeeeek! How awesome is dis! Welcome home Diego! Oh my goodness! I knows he'll be a great brudder once he gets all settled in and stuffs. It's always so sad to sees owner surrenders, breaks my heart.
    When we got my sissy her smelled da same way and hers had a dental and losted 6 teefers. Her was already 8 yrs old when we got her though.

    Congrats to a wonderful new lovin home Diego!


  2. Welcome Home Diego.,it's good that you found new home..

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