Monday, May 7, 2012

May Showers Don't Bring Flowers...

May showers don't bring flowers... it brings snow! That's right this two mile high city is covered in powdered stuff dey call snoooow. Now furiends I've never seen this stuff, and if you haven't either lick your human and tell them how much you appreciate them sending the snooow makers away. It's wet, it's icky, it's cold, and it's EVERYWHERE! I spent an extra ten minutes looking for a spot in the grass that wasn't covered in this icky stuff, I had to settle for a huge rock my human has in the yard. I was not a happy camper, I dashed out the door, just to be trapped on the concrete driveway searching for one path off to the grass that wasn't covered in this yucky stuff, my golly I had to ggoooooo so I jumped in did a backflip (ok it was like a belly flop but backwards I'm working on it!) and pedaled in the snow as best as I could and finally found a rock. Did my stuff and dashed inside avoiding all snoooww that I could. My human wasn't allowed to take pictures, I demanded she turn off the gosh darned thing and find me a grass spot. She did go back outside just for you furiends so you know what this white powdered stuff looks like, I would hate for you to be caught off guard. My human says up here it's normal for this stuff to appear anytime of the year whenever it would like, I hope you guys get more warning!
My human said that's the carriage house, and that I'm not allowed in der. It looks so cool though!


  1. Wells dis is just proof dat da weather be playin' tricks! It be like 10000 degrees heres and ya'll has snow...KERAZY!!!!!
    I really wished I could haves seen dat backflip...hehehehe.


  2. Howdy Gia....this is the first time I have sniffed your blog and wanted to say hi...It's nice to meet you!

    I hate snow with a mad passion! Paws crossed that it melts very soon!


  3. Hi Again Puddles!
    I wish the human got the backflip on cameras but not the toe tipping maze I had to go through, that's just embarassing! I know I'm a diva but the rest of the world doesn't need to know!

    Hi Higgins!
    Thanks for looking at my blog, it's pretty new as I just came to my forever home a few weeks ago! I don't like that stuff much either except the extra treats and lovin was nice!

    Thanks to you both,

  4. We go looking for snow. I took Dublin to the snow last year because I wasn't sure where his new partner would be living. Dublin now lives in Arizona so I guess I should have worked him more on warm surfaces.


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