Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learning To Walk...

... on a leash! Here you thought I forgot how to walk huh. My human has been putting this strappy thing on me and attatching a longer strappy thing they call it a leeeaazzzsh and harness. Whatever, that strappy thing and longer strappy thing and trying to get me to follow her. Ha. I just sit down and look at her like she's crazy, that is till she pulled out some hot dog on me! I'll follow anywhere for more nibbles of hot dogs anyday. So we walk around the driveway, pretty easy, and I eats lots of hot dogs, soon my human said we can go for walks, whatever that is, as long as she has hot dogs, count me in! That's all for today, short and to the point, my human has been cleaning the house for some special day she said on Weznesdays or something... I have a big surprise. Who knows. Maybe it's more hot dogs? What do you think furiends? Why she cleaning the house for hot dogs, why I gotta wait till Weznesdays?

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